Instructor (University of British Columbia)
Minds and Machines (PHIL250), Summer 2019

This course addresses topics in cognitive science and artificial intelligence, including functionalism, physicalism, the extended mind, and algorithmic bias.

Teaching assistant (University of British Columbia)
Bio-Medical Ethics (PHIL331), Fall 2019
Comparative Conceptions of Self (PHIL470), Spring 2019
Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL330), Fall 2018, Spring 2020
Buddhist, Brahmanical and Jain Philosophers in Interaction (PHIL 388), Fall 2017
Philosophy of Mind (PHIL 451), Spring 2016 & Fall 2017
Environmental Ethics (PHIL 322), Fall 2016
Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 349), Spring 2015
Philosophy of Literature (PHIL 375), Fall 2014
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL101), Fall 2011
Introduction to Philosophy II (PHIL102), Spring 2011

Teaching assistant (University of Toronto)
Introduction to Philosophy (PHL100), Fall 2009 – Spring 2010